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Steve Perrin steve at limitedchaos.com
Wed Aug 12 04:47:24 EST 2009

I have found over the last decade or so of having a near-blind player in 
the group that sessions without figures can be very invigorating 
creatively. Still, I also find that even with games where movement is 
intentionally imprecise, there are times that having a clear picture 
(either drawn, or using figures) can be extremely useful.

And I also find that the older I get, the broader brush I prefer. Could 
there be a relation...?

Nah. :)

Steve Perrin

Bruce Mason wrote:
> 2009/8/11 Styopa <styopa1 at gmail.com>:
>> I will say that I realized that (for me) one of the ... complications with
>> this is because of the simulationist basis for RQ combat in the first place.
> I've been running Mongoose RQ for about 18 months now and I must admit
> that I don't miss Strike Ranks at all. While SRs in RQ2 were basically
> just a complicated way of figuring initiative they became
> overcomplicated in RQ3 and, looking back, it's hard to see any
> problems they actually solved. The more you try to model some sort of
> notional "real world combat" the less convincing it tends to feel.
> I've become quite a fan of painting with a broader brush and letting
> imagination fill in the details.
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