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They use a simple initiative, actions and reactions system.

Initiative is average of DEX&INT plus d10. high goes first. Still
called Strike Rank.

You get a number of actions per round and an equal number of reactions
based on your DEX.

Actions are used to attack, move, cast spells etc. Reactions are used
to dodge & parry & riposte.

If using 2-weapons such as sword and shield you gain an extra action
or reaction (chosen when the time comes) which can only be used with
that second weapon.

Each character does their first action in SR order, then their second
action and so on until there are no more characters with actions.

Reaction Attacks exist and can be used to take a swing at some one
running past you or to riposte if you had a critical parry. They do
use up your reactions though so you can over-commit if you're not

You can delay your action to see what others are doing and if you are
delaying you can make an opposed roll to try to interrupt an action.

There are problems (It's Mongoose after all) but it works well enough.

2009/8/11 Styopa <styopa1 at gmail.com>:
> What does Mongoose do differently?
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