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Tue Aug 11 23:44:31 EST 2009

I will say that I realized that (for me) one of the ... complications with
this is because of the simulationist basis for RQ combat in the first place.

I ran a classic (1st ed) AD&D session, and for all the kids there (all
players were <20 yrs old), it was EXTREMELY novel and off-putting that we
didn't use figures or a battlemat or grid AT ALL.  I enjoyed it immensely,
both for the game, and for their discomfiture.  LOL.  Ultimately they all
had a good time, and several talked to me later about how they were amazed
that it worked without laying it out on a table, but that they "didn't think
they'd be able to keep it all in their heads like that themselves" if they
had to DM.

Nevertheless, I didn't feel at all the 'issues' I keep bumping my head
against with RQ strike ranks, probably because so much was already being
rationalized away anyway....

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