[Runequest] House Rule Question

Wayne Shaw shaw at caprica.com
Mon Aug 10 03:38:58 EST 2009

At 11:55 AM 8/8/2009, you wrote:
>Speaking as the inventor of strike ranks, I think they are currently 
>used to over-control melee. As an initiative system, I think your 
>scheme makes sense. Scion, from White Wolf, has a similar system 
>without using poker chips, but there are no "rounds" as such so if 
>you try to use it without a computer, you're doomed.

I think that's a somewhat unfair statement.  The computer use I make 
of it, in the end, a fancy way of laying out the wheel involved and 
moving tokens around it.  Having a graphic version of it with, say, 
figures on each tick marker wouldn't be any harder (and is in fact 
what I gather other groups do); the only advantage of the laptop I 
use for it is it makes it harder to send things array and takes up less space.

>My strong suggestion is to dispense with SR, or just go back to RQ I 
>& II usage and use them to determine who hits first when two 
>fighters run into each other.

The funny part of this is I'm vritually certain I remember us 
integrrating movement into Strike ranks back in the pre RQ3 days, but 
its possible we read more into process then than was actually stated.

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