[Runequest] Drowning, Falling and Poisoning in RuneQuest

Gianni gianni at basicrps.com
Mon Aug 10 22:13:42 EST 2009

In the latest version of the Basic Role-Playing System:

1D6 damage for every 3 metres fallen. If the character was thrown, damage may
be doubled.
A successful Jump roll can specify on which location he lands.
[no mention of armour]

Roll of CON×10, then CON×9, etc to hold one's breath.
after 10 rounds, roll 1D100 under CON%
Whenever the roll fails: damage to the total hit points [not chest] of 1D4 to
1D8 per round depending on the substance inhaled.

RR of CON vs POT. Failed roll causes damage equal to POT to total hit points
[not CON]. Successful roll halves damage.

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