[Runequest] House Rule Question

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Mon Aug 10 01:37:33 EST 2009

   Wow!  Thanks for the fascinating & well-considered feedback.  Probably
more attention than my ill-conceived schemes deserve.
   Okay, more house rules are needed to make this house rule meaningful. 
How about this:

   Any "melee" takes 3 strike ranks -- or, in my house, costs 3 bucks. 
However, the resolution of hit rolls within a given 3-strike-buck melee
is by melee strike rank.  (That sounds confusing, doesn't it?)
   Example:  Tiny Tim, armed with a dagger, attacks a spear-wielding
troll.  The melee attack costs 3 strike bucks.  During this 3-buck
melee, the troll rolls to hit first, as melees are resolved in order of
melee strike rank.

   Also:  The two-out-of-three rule for attacks, dodges & parries gets
applied to each "melee", not to each "melee round".

   However:  Many players expect a system by which we get individualized
initiative results.  Phred the Good Elf goes first, then Urk the Swift
Evil Orc, followed by Good Delver Dwarf, etc.
   I don't really offer that as a GM.  I tell the players what the bad
guys are doing.  Then I let the players briefly discuss & respond as a
group.  (Facing a tiger, of course, would be another matter.  It would
be one fait accompli after another.)

   This is getting rather more homebrew than I'd originally intended.  Sigh.

   Thank you very much for the quick & thoughtful responses.  Now,
however, I'm taking the kids on vacation to the California redwoods for
a week.  I look forward to keeping in touch in the future.

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