[Runequest] House Rule Question

Steve Perrin steve at limitedchaos.com
Sun Aug 9 04:55:37 EST 2009

Speaking as the inventor of strike ranks, I think they are currently 
used to over-control melee. As an initiative system, I think your scheme 
makes sense. Scion, from White Wolf, has a similar system without using 
poker chips, but there are no "rounds" as such so if you try to use it 
without a computer, you're doomed.

My strong suggestion is to dispense with SR, or just go back to RQ I & 
II usage and use them to determine who hits first when two fighters run 
into each other.

Currently, for SPQR, I just use high DEX for initiative, but since I use 
a point-buy system for creating characters, it can make DEX the 

The only problem I have with your system is I can't tell who goes first? 
Highest number of chips? Lowest price for an action? Who? One thought 
would be to have a list of costs for actions, and let people accrue 
chips, and perhaps have a Surprise Chips variable award for someone 
surprising other characters. Highest total goes first, paying the chip 
cost. Then the now-highest goes, who could be the same player. And so 
forth. Round lasts until no one has chips or those who have chips say 
they are going to save their chips for the next round.

A bit clumsy and there are opportunties for cheating, but if automated 
into an action point system controlled on someone's laptop, it might 
work rather well.

Steve Perrin, always looking for inspiration

royce at efn.org wrote:
> Hi, All,
>    Yes, it's me again.  :-)
>    I really like the concept of strike ranks, but find the application
> difficult.  As others have observed, strike ranks serve both as an
> initiative system and as something you spend to do stuff.  But what if
> my players spend something else to do stuff?
>    Introducing the "strike buck".  I've got a bunch of poker chips sitting
> in my old Axis & Allies box.  I can quickly sketch a player aid sheet
> with some labeled boxes for allocating ("spending") chips on movement,
> fighting, readying, casting, etc.  Each melee round, characters
> starting on strike rank 3 get 8 chips to spend; strike rank 2, get 9
> chips; etc.  Beings with more chips can start spending first.
>    Just an idea for a house rule.  Sound workable to you?  Any
> complications come to mind?
>    Feedback, especially constructive criticism, is warmly welcome.  Thanks
> ahead of time.
>    Sincerely,
> Asher
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