[Runequest] House Rule Question

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Sun Aug 9 02:09:08 EST 2009

Hi, All,
   Yes, it's me again.  :-)
   I really like the concept of strike ranks, but find the application
difficult.  As others have observed, strike ranks serve both as an
initiative system and as something you spend to do stuff.  But what if
my players spend something else to do stuff?
   Introducing the "strike buck".  I've got a bunch of poker chips sitting
in my old Axis & Allies box.  I can quickly sketch a player aid sheet
with some labeled boxes for allocating ("spending") chips on movement,
fighting, readying, casting, etc.  Each melee round, characters
starting on strike rank 3 get 8 chips to spend; strike rank 2, get 9
chips; etc.  Beings with more chips can start spending first.
   Just an idea for a house rule.  Sound workable to you?  Any
complications come to mind?
   Feedback, especially constructive criticism, is warmly welcome.  Thanks
ahead of time.

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