[Runequest] Armor Question in RQ3

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Sun Aug 2 05:13:07 EST 2009

2009/8/1 Tony <postmaster at runequest.za.org>

> Oh - to keep with the topic, IMO for RuneQuest, bearing in mind that RQ3
> was said to be for Bronze/Iron age type play,
IMO this is one of those constant misunderstandings about RQ3 (and RQ2). In
terms of technology and so on, RQ3 goes up to somewhere around Roman times
and into the Dark Ages. The "bronze age" business is a hang-over from
Glorantha where the metal mined from the ground was called "bronze." What
RQ3 has struggled with is the advanced plate of the middle-ages. Nominally
you can just give it more APs but the ability to be able to critically kick
a knight unconscious who is wearing some sort of gothic full plate statrs to
look just a tad unbelievable.

I would say that RQ3 weapons and armour are pretty much identical to what
you see in the Lord of the Rings movies.
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