[Runequest] Armor Question in RQ3

royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Sat Aug 1 13:42:59 EST 2009

Hi, All,
   Some dumb, lazy armor questions.  I'm looking at some Classical armor,
and am curious about how to rate it in terms of RQ3 armor categories. 
So that I can assign weights, costs & armor points.
   I frequently see legionaries wearing armor that is composed of wide
stripes of metal.  What RQ3 category is that?
   I often see some Roman general wearing a molded (i.e., fake manly
muscles) breastplate.  Is that usually cuir bouilli?  Or is it
sometimes a metal cuirass?  If the former, why not metal armor?  If the
latter, would we call it "plate" for its RQ3 armor type?  (And how do I
pronounce "cuir bouilli"?)
   What kind of armor did the Greek heavy infantry wear in the days of
Socrates, Xenophon, and Alexander the Pretty Great?  And how would we
rate it?

   Finally, my dumbest question, which is NOT limited to classical armor. 
How do I rate metal helmets?  I mean, if I rate 'em as "plate", they
get awfully spendy, right?  And there are such wide differences in
coverage, from a true knight's total coverage to a simple metal cap. 
Any guidelines?

   Answers & opinions & clarifications to my own confusions are warmly

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