[Runequest] Juicing NPC's, was Runequest Digest, Vol 13, Issue 26

Tony postmaster at runequest.za.org
Wed Apr 29 14:55:29 EST 2009

Glenn Newman wrote:
> Just to add my comment-You can juice up NPC's with magic items.  Just make
> the items only usable by Orcs/whatever your opponent is.  In addition if
> you have a matrix place it in the skin of the being.  Nobody is going to
> buy Bob's skin after it has been ripped of his body.  The enchantment
> might not be good anyway because of skin shrinkage etc.
Puts me in mind of one Ripleys where the dad was so fond of his tatoos
that he had his son tan his hide when he died (clyde:) and his son keeps
his dads preserved tatood skin framed as a picture. Hmm, or that movie cut
throat island, where the pirate lass scalps her uncle for the treasure map
tatood to his head. Could make for some interesting play, craft leather

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