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Tony postmaster at runequest.za.org
Sun Apr 26 04:48:15 EST 2009

harry woolley wrote:
> hi as my players are so good if i put some orcs against them what kind
> of stats would i do for them in the monsters book they seem rather week
> i play runquest deluxe im knew to being a games master i normaly
> just play a character but im realy enjing it but i need to know about
> raseing monsters stats
> so all you experts out there can you help.
The nice thing with orcs and other sapient species is they too can become
more skillful with weapons etc. The stats given in the books are usually a
relatively weak example. I have at times cut some characters down to size,
quite literally, with the simple expedient of raising the opponent (orc's)
stats on attack, parry and/or dodge as well as adjusting what weapons they
use and what armour they have on. I have found doing this means tat one
does not necessarily have to buff up any core stats such as SIZ or CON.
Also, don't forget the orcs damage modifier, I play my average orcs pretty
strong, so 1D6. Thats already an advantage over your average human who may
swing a 1D4 or zero damage modifier. Not sire what rule set you are using,
but if I look at my Avalon Hill RQ (III) monster book, they have an
average orc as:

Armour - Ringmail (5)
Weapon - Scimitar Att/Par 25+7 Damage 1D6+2 )plus damage modifier)

Juice this up a bit, dish the orcs a Scale (6) or Brigandine (7) curiass,
and vabrces with perhaps some bezanted trews (4) plus a plate hempet (8).
Go one further and have them wear soft leather/quilting/furs beneath to
add an extra 1 point in places. Lets see the average human get through
that lot with the average 1D8 broadsword.

Weapon wise, give them something they can get an earlier strike rank on,
such as a Naginatha. It goes on SR 1 plus DEX SR, so prob 4, where the
humans with swords will likeley go on 6 or 7. 2D6 + 2 (+1d6 dma modifer)
is ot to be sniffed at, the worst possible roll will giv the orc a 5
damage dealt, the average roll prob more in the region of 8 or 9. thats
enough to get through plate.

But wait, there is more, who said orcs were stupid fighters, or did not
use tactics. If the humans close with them to negate the long weapon
advantage, some orcs in a second rank could step in with short sowrds, or
the nagaintha orc could simply be very good with the old knee to the
groin, or head butt.

Hope this helps?

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