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If I understand you, you want to have your PCs fight some Orcs, but you're afraid the orcs (as written) are too weak and the PCs will beat them easily. If that's the case, here are some tips:

1. Use higher than average stats and call them Orc Elites. You can also give them higher attack and parry skills - no need to stick to the percentages in the book. As the Gamemaster, you don't have to roll the stats. Just assign the stats you think approapriate, as long as you don't go over the species maximum.
2. Give them some sorcery, or have them led by a sorceror orc who stands at the back and palsies your players and boosts tha damage of orc weapons.
3. Make sure there are more orcs than PCs - they can only parry one attack, after all. Try to have between 1.5 and 2 orcs per PC, depending how good the PCs are.
4. Don't forget that orcs can hit with specials and criticals, too. One of my favourite (and tough) Runequest characters was killed by a critical hit to the head from a skeleton archer, and they're even weaker than orcs. Even 'weaker' monsters should be dangerous.
5. Trying to match the monsters to the PCs can be very dificult, especially if you're new to GMing or if the PCs are all new characters. So a little trick you can use (until you get the hang of it) is to have there be more orcs in the 'other rooms' and you keep bringing them out as you need them (attracted by the sound of the fighting). This way your PCs will get more and more tired but the opponents will be fresh - make sure the PCs count their fatigue. Be warned this can result in a very long battle, but can be rewarding. When, at the end, your PCs are dead tired, have no MP left, and are wounded in 5 locations each but standing in a pile of dead orcs, they'll be high-fiving each other for sure (and looking for a place to hide for a while).

Good luck!


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        hi as my players are so good if i put some orcs against them what kind
        of stats would i do for them in the monsters book they seem rather week
        i play runquest deluxe im knew to being a games master i normaly 
        just play a character but im realy enjing it but i need to know about raseing monsters stats
        so all you experts out there can you help.
                                                              harry,killer of shadows 


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