[Runequest] [RQIII] Undead Generally - was Humakt's spell: Neutralize Undead

Tony postmaster at runequest.za.org
Sat Apr 25 17:02:06 EST 2009

Sam McConnich wrote:
> i'm sorry if it came off poorly, just trying to shed light
No worries, I was genuinly thankful, always nice to learn something new
about where the idea for a monster of concept came from. In fact just read
a rocking write up on Sword & Sorcery in Black Gate magazine #6 last
night. Was not aware of how much of original D&D etc was based on Fritz
Lieber etc's gear. Assumed a bit, but having not yet (horrors) read any of
his Fafnird and Grey Mouser stories, I was just not aware:)

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