[Runequest] Humakt's spell: Neutralize Undead

David Cake dave at difference.com.au
Thu Apr 23 15:25:02 EST 2009

	I take ghosts as not being undead, they are just dead. The 
only difference between a ghost and a spirit of the dead is location 
(a ghost is a spirit of the dead that happens to be in this world, 
for whatever reason -- a Bind Ghost spell is one possible reason, but 
not the only one).

	Wraiths, however, I don't see as natural as ghosts. The 
Undead rune is also called the Hunger rune in some places, and one of 
the characteristics of 'true' undead is a lack of POW. Wraiths, then, 
to me are a chaotic hungering equivalents of ghosts, sort of like a 
vampire without a body. I don't see whether they have a physical form 
or not as being relevant - there are spirits that I would regard as 
	Essentally, I see a wraith as an undead spirit, a ghost as a 
dead spirit.


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