[Runequest] Humakt's spell: Neutralize Undead

Gary Sturgess gazza666 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 19:14:57 EST 2009

2009/4/22 Tony <postmaster at runequest.za.org>:
> Hibbs, Phil wrote:
> For once I happen to have the {RQIII{ rules at hand. Hmm, Ghosts have POW,
> wraiths don't, but wraiths are described as ghosts that are formed when
> their feeling is overwealming frustration or hatred when they die.....
> So to me this means if a ghost is not undead, neithe is a wraith and vice
> versa.

Yes, that interpretation does seem valid.

It depends. You could regard the bit about how wraiths are formed as
"fluff", though. ;)

I read the RQ3 description as saying that wraiths are formed when
someone dies with hatred (etc), but not necessarily FROM that person.
I think you could argue that the death itself was what formed the
wraith; in extreme cases, I think it would even be possible to have a
ghost and a wraith created from the same death (ghost is the real
person, wraith is their hatred made manifest, sort of 'fing).

I wish I could find it, but I was pretty sure that there was somewhere
that defined undead as not having POW.

Meh. Whatever. I like wraiths = undead, but whatever floats yer boat.
Good arguments for them being not undead have been made as well.

> Vampires I think we all agree are undead, same as zombies.


> I view skeletons as constructs in RQ.

I'm not sure that the distinction is really particularly important.
Neither have POW. Although I think, surprisingly, that zombies sort of
DO have POW (it's just suppressed unless you feed them), which kind of
contradicts my "no POW = undead" thesis.

As an aside: why would anyone actually create a skeleton in RQ? 6 POW
for something that is easily destroyed is not a good investment of
one's soul energy. Yes, there are ways to make this a little better,
but ONLY a little better. Has anyone found skeleton creation to be
something that actual PCs found worthwhile?

And zombies have the same problem, but I suppose you could at least
use those as farmers.

> Ghouls however are described as humanoid monsters who eat the flesh of the
> dead - reminiscent of how the ghouls were depicted by RE Howard in Hour of
> the Dragon. So undead, yes/no, I suppose each group would have its own
> take on the matter. Note that ghouls appear to have most characteristics
> but no POW, but then again anumber of decidedly non-undead creatures lack
> POW. Well, maybe not a number but a Choncon and Hellion spring to mind.

Would it not be possible to argue that a Choncon and Hellion were undead?

> Hmm, funne enough, at a quick glance I do not see the rules specifically
> mention the term "undead" anywhere, dunno if its perhaps a D&D copywrite
> issue or maybe for specific reason?

Doubtful; Gods of Glorantha is happy to call a Humakt spell Turn
Undead, which is pretty much STOLEN from D&D. (But I'm sure you can't
copyright "turn" and "undead", of course).

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