[Runequest] Humakt's spell: Neutralize Undead

Tony postmaster at runequest.za.org
Wed Apr 22 19:09:25 EST 2009

Hibbs, Phil wrote:
> I don't think ghosts are considered undead. Undead have to have a physical
> form.
For once I happen to have the {RQIII{ rules at hand. Hmm, Ghosts have POW,
wraiths don't, but wraiths are described as ghosts that are formed when
their feeling is overwealming frustration or hatred when they die.....

So to me this means if a ghost is not undead, neithe is a wraith and vice

Vampires I think we all agree are undead, same as zombies.

I view skeletons as constructs in RQ.

Ghouls however are described as humanoid monsters who eat the flesh of the
dead - reminiscent of how the ghouls were depicted by RE Howard in Hour of
the Dragon. So undead, yes/no, I suppose each group would have its own
take on the matter. Note that ghouls appear to have most characteristics
but no POW, but then again anumber of decidedly non-undead creatures lack
POW. Well, maybe not a number but a Choncon and Hellion spring to mind.

Hmm, funne enough, at a quick glance I do not see the rules specifically
mention the term "undead" anywhere, dunno if its perhaps a D&D copywrite
issue or maybe for specific reason?

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