[Runequest] Humakt's spell: Neutralize Undead

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Yeah, as Steve mentioned a spirit is a natural part of the life cycle; a
person is made up of his physical form and his spiritual form.  An
un-embodied spirit no matter how twisted is not an abomination to the death
rune (that's what should happen when you die).  Even something twisted by
chaos like a wraith wouldn't necessarily offend Humakt,.... though the local
Storm Bull chapter may have a thing or two to say about it.

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>Hi everyone:
>Do yo think that "Neutralize Undead affects" ghosts and wraiths too?
>Or only walking corpses (vampire-mummy-zombie-ghoul)?

I would have assumed wraiths, certainly.  Ghosts are in an odd spot 
traditionally in RQ; they sort of straddle the line between "normal" 
spirits and undead.

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