[Runequest] The "Control" spell...

Wayne Shaw shaw at caprica.com
Mon Apr 20 07:36:36 EST 2009

>But the spirit magic Control Spell Spirit seems to be a bit weird.
>According to the book, you can only cast it after engaging the spirit
>in spirit combat and reducing it to 0 MPs. Well, that means that there
>are a number of issues:
>- Is the spirit combat "free", or do you have to have some ability to
>initiate spirit combat? I assume it's the latter - which is fine if
>you're a shaman, but makes Control [Species] completely useless if
>you're a casual spirit magic user (this is not the case for the other
>two magic types; an Initiate can use Command Cult Spirit and
>theoretically a sorcerer with only the Intensity skill could use

I'd always been under the impression that once you summoned a spirit, 
you could chose to initiate spirit combat with it, but I don't have 
any textual support for that.

>- Does this restriction still apply if you cast it on a bound spirit?
>(Do you really have to reduce a bound Ghost to 0 MPs before casting
>Control Ghost and telling it to engage your foe in spirit combat? With

No.  Binding explicitly lets you either passively use the spirit (for 
magic points for Power Spirits, spell storage for Intellect Spirits, 
or general spellcasting for Magic Spirits) or give it one order when 
unbinding it.  Control is unnecessary there.

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