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While I agree with Peter that Chaosium's BRP rules are fantastic (I was on
the beta testing team), the BRP book can come across as a bit more of a
rules set construction kit. That is, all the BRP-related rules ever
published by Chaosium (Call of Cthluhu, Elric!, Stormbringer, Pendragon,
etc.) are all consolidated into one comprehensive book in a coherent,
interlocking manner so you can pick and choose which rules you want to use
and be sure they all work seamlessly together.

However, you must pick and choose which rules you want to use then test them
to ensure you're getting the effects you want in your campaign. Which is
fine for GMs with the time and desire to do so.

Mongoose's RQ rules also give you a comprehensive, integrated gaming engine
but there's no picking and choosing necessary. And I admit there are some
aspects of the MRQ combat system which, IMO, seem to be more streamlined
(i.e. don't bog down combat) than the BRP version while maintaining the
ability for players to learn, select, and use the weapon tactics that make
RQ combat intense. However, I've seen a number of comments on the MRQ forums
that lead me to believe the implementation of the magic systems fall short
of the mark for some people.

If you can look over the basic MRQ book to see the details of melee combat
before you buy, go for it. If you prefer mxing and matching optional rules
that provide a personlized level of play, then Chaosium's BRP would be a
better buy since a large number of BRP player house rules have been vetted
for balance and usefulness and included in the book as options.

I personally use material from both MRQ and BRP. Chaosium's BRP book is a
fantastic resource even if the basic MRQ rules are used for a campaign.
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