[Runequest] [MRQ] Empire Builder

Tony postmaster at runequest.za.org
Sun Apr 19 23:45:19 EST 2009

Peter Maranci wrote:
> Instead of getting the RQ Deluxe rules on Amazon.com, I'd suggest buying
> Chaosium's D100 rules instead. And/or the monograph editions of Basic
> Roleplaying, which includes all non-Gloranthan RQ3 rules. Or Steve
> Perrin's
> Quest rules.
> Any of those would be preferable to Mongoose RQ. Why encourage poachers?
> Particularly ones who clearly never understood what made RQ great?
Ah but I didn't see a BRP empires last time I checked:) Nah I am keen on
the pblication and will likley get some more some time in the future,
probarbly more from a collectors/interest viewpoint than anything else.
Still, mentioning BRP my brother and I are looking to get that as well.

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