[Runequest] [MRQ] Empire Builder

Tony postmaster at runequest.za.org
Sat Apr 18 06:30:01 EST 2009

David Smart wrote:

> Yes, I have. It's titled "Empires".
> One word..
> WOW!
> Or rather..Drooool!
> This supplement is very, very different from "Cities", being chock full of
> rules and ideas on the building and running of empires. It provides
> details
> on the economics of empires, the effects of both religion and magic on
> empires, how empires wage war, and how empires (and kingdoms) can come
> into
> being and/or fail and break apart.

Thanks David, fantastico news. Or actually, sould I be thanking you
because now I know I will have to go buy it:) Maybe ignorance was bliss
but I have been meaning to start on MRQ so maybe this is the best high
point to jump in with. Would you recomend any other specific publication
to go along with this or maybe a punter such as I (I too have been playing
RQIII for something like 2 decades, plus harnmaster on occasion, on da
side_ could wing it for now with just this volume?

Regards and thanks for the enthusiastic write up

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