[Runequest] Questworld - Just how collectible is it?

Tony postmaster at runequest.za.org
Tue Apr 14 22:46:39 EST 2009

Hibbs, Phil wrote:
>>Brand new in shrink Questworld box, but for USD90? I know its meant to
>>be a nice item to thumb through, even to play, but USD90?????
> It's one of the few boxed sets that has never been re-printed in any form.
> I
> don't think it ever fetched that much at convention auctions, though, even
> in the "old days" (early 90's "Reaching Moon Revival" era). All you need
> is
> one person who is prepared to pay it to complete their collection.
> It should NOT be listed as "Glorantha", though!
> Also in the "gosh that's expensive" category from the same seller:

Cheers Phil, thought I was going insane for a second. Ha ha, I was tlo
scared to go look at sellers other items, I suppose they are looking at it
being OOP plus in shrink, now I return there i see even the old basic D&D
gazetteers are attracting a reasonably big price - why o why did I ever
open my Orcs of Thar:)

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