[Runequest] Questworld - Just how collectible is it?

Hibbs, Phil phil.hibbs at capgemini.com
Tue Apr 14 21:54:22 EST 2009

>Brand new in shrink Questworld box, but for USD90? I know its meant to
>be a nice item to thumb through, even to play, but USD90?????

It's one of the few boxed sets that has never been re-printed in any form. I
don't think it ever fetched that much at convention auctions, though, even
in the "old days" (early 90's "Reaching Moon Revival" era). All you need is
one person who is prepared to pay it to complete their collection.

It should NOT be listed as "Glorantha", though!

Also in the "gosh that's expensive" category from the same seller:

Pavis, in the shrink, $275.48

Nomad Gods $187.04

WF#1 $137.64

Phil Hibbs.
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