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royce at efn.org royce at efn.org
Sat Apr 11 03:23:15 EST 2009

Hi, Guys,
   Here's something I tried as a house rule with some friends.  (Mind you,
I make absolutely no claim to this being an improvement.  It simply
suited us, and if it suits anyone else, that's great.)
   As GM, I separated the strike ranks into two types:
1.  Melee round strike ranks, which regulated activities in the 12-second
melee round.
2.  Order of hit strike ranks, which regulated who hit first in a fight.

   You're thinking, "This makes things even crazier!"  But consider the
1.  In our house rules, all melee attacks took 3 strike ranks.  Pike or
poniard, it took 3 strike ranks to make the attack.
2.  Every player knew the order of hit strike rank for his character. 
It's right there on the character sheet.  So there were no calculations
3.  Also, we largely ignored the rule about 3-SR delays for changing actions.

   It worked like this:
   Slayer Tim starts from his Dex SR -- say, SR 3.  He advances and
attacks.  Advancing takes a couple of SR (SR's 3 & 4).  The attack
takes 3 SR (SR's 5, 6, & 7).
   During the attack, order of hit rolls are determined by the melee SR
number on his character sheet.  The long-armed spear-wielding troll
rolls to hit before Slayer Tim, while the poniard-waving dwarf rolls to
hit after Slayer Tim.
   Three SR's remain.  If the troll and Slayer Tim still stand, they'll
probably use the SR's for subsequent 3-SR attack.  If the troll was
felled, however, then Tim is free to expend the remaining SR's on some
other daring deed.  Perhaps he'll drop his sword and ready his sling. 
Or dash up to the altar and grab the McGuffin.  Whatever.

   What if Slayer Tim uses his last 3 SR's to move to an adjacent fight
(taking 1 SR to do so), and then joins the fight?  The GM will need to
make a ruling.  If Tim missed only the 1st SR of the 3-SR fight, then
the GM might add 3 SR to Tim's melee strike rank for order of hits. 
But if Tim missed both 1st & 2nd SR, the GM might say, "OK, we'll treat
it as the disadvantages of a called shot, but you don't get to call hit
location."  Whatever seems fitting.

   Any feedback is welcome.  Even if you think it stinks.  :-)

   For what it's worth.

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