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That depends.

If you are playing in Glorantha, then you are largely bound by the rules of that campaign world.  It would be very rare for a Barbarian to become a wizard (sorcerer?) but a good GM can justify all sorts of unusual things.

If you are playing in your own campaign world, then do as you want.

As was posted before, the big issue is how good a sorcerer your barabarian can be.  Low level sorcerers are not very good at magic.  It takes lots of time to build up the appropriate skills (spells and spell altering ones) to the point where the sorcerer is useful as a spell caster.

This is usually worked around by using the occupations and perhaps having the sorcerer older than most other starting adventurers.  Having a character swap over from another magic system to sorcery will, in most cases result in a hamstrung character (in most but not all campaign worlds) for quite a while.

One other issue is that to start learning sorcery spells, the character may be forced by his teacher/s to forget all spirit and divine spells he has.  Also, the gods/spirits etc that provided him withb his Divine/Spirit magic may get a bit upset if he learns sorcery.  Especially if the character is an initiate or higher in a cult, he may have an interesting experience with a spirit of retribution.  Of course this depends on you campaign world.

But remember, it is you campain.  You can do what you want.  
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        one of my pc wants to know if his barbarian can become a wizard or any other 
        type of magic he can use, i carn,t  find anything any where,that says he can.
        i play the newist addition,
                                            harry,north east club,newbiggan 


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