[Runequest] [RQ III] Mounted Combat and Riding Generally

Tony postmaster at runequest.za.org
Tue Apr 7 15:16:23 EST 2009

Hi All
My ongoing military campaign hareached a milestone. My brother, whose
character is a primitive who got board of mountain goat hunting and went
to see the shining cities of the world ended up in the legion and afer
many years training and campaigning became a centurion and won/assisted
with some key battles.

Well, enough history, he has announced that him and his century (whats
left of it) are tired of foot slogging and want to try out becoming a
mounted unit. This can be done in terms of the world I am playing, but
here is the question. Assuming the select few who are chosen get sorted
with cavalry horses and get some decent training, I would rule that ride
rolls are a moot point unless a specifically difficult activity is
performed, maybe jumping over a ravine or a big hedge, or doing sudden
wheels and/or dressage type kicks. Fine and good, but what about combat, I
was thinking rather than to bog down with specifics, to have them make a
ride roll before going into combat that would cover the whole engagement,
thats unless I have something nasty up my sleeve, such as prepared ground
with ditches etc. Being a basically lazy GM, I hope this will cover it
without becoming too leborious to keep track of.


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