[Runequest] RQ3 strike rank question

Peter Johansson pmj at comhem.se
Tue Apr 7 06:50:50 EST 2009


I/we always play that people that are engaged in combat strikes 
according to strike rank (or Dex if they have the same SR). People 
fiddling with other stuff (changing weapons, casting spells, moving etc) 
end up striking at the end of the round without us counting every SR 
modification. If I as GM deem that it takes longer to move, cast a spell 
or whatever I say they can attack next round.

My recommendation is to just use common sense and qualified estimates 
what is reasonable under the circumstances. I have yet to have the 
players complain too much about my judgment in these matters, because 
they know it goes both ways. If they can't move about, cast healing 
spells and hit in one round, they know that the NPCs can't either. And, 
if that doesn't help, I just invite them to be GM instead and they can 
keep exact track of SR for everyone involved in the fight. That usually 
stops people muttering... ;-)


    /Peter J

Wayne Shaw wrote:
> At 03:21 PM 3/31/2009, you wrote:
>>       I known some people choose not to use strike ranks but I would 
>> like to so any help here would be great.
>>        If a character had a DEX SR of 2, a SIZ SR of 2, and used a 
>> short spear SR 2 wanted to move 6 meters to attack someone he would 
>> start on his DEX SR of 2 + 1 SR per 3m moved, so at SR 4 would he add 
>> his DEX SR of 2 again + his SIZ SR of 2 and weapon SR of 2 to attack 
>> on SR 10 or would he just add his SIZ SR of 2 + Weapon SR 2 and 
>> attack on SR 8?
> It'd be 10.  Though its been ages, I'm pretty sure you have to start 
> the count after the movement, not combine it.
> (The way movement was integrated into RQ strike ranks, especially RQ3, 
> was the single most annoying thing about it from a GM point of view as 
> you had to keep track of this penalty for all the damn movement from 
> all the NPCs, which could be a nightmare.)
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