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The Hero system uses a system similar to the SFB Impulse chart.

See the attached pdf.


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>  Greetings
> Folks
>       I known some people choose not to use
> strike ranks but I would like to so any help here would be
> great. 
> I've never been pleased with either the
> rationalizations involved in SR's, or the paperwork
> required to do anything more realistic.
> So one of the idea's I've been toying with is just
> to dispense with them altogether,
> somehow.Having been playing Mongoose RQ
> for about 1 year now, I wouldn't go back to RQ3's SR
> system. The problem with RQ is that SRs were neither
> initiative measurements nor a timing mechanism - they were a
> bit of both and, fundamentally, didn't make sense.
> You could use RQ3 as a pure initiative system but you have
> to spell out what the different types of actions you can
> declare are. E.g. Move, move and attack, cast spell, perform
> an action and so on. Once you start doing all that, though,
> you start to find yourself wondering what all the
> calculation gained you. 
> For example, movement. You could say that if a person just
> declares that they're moving then you resolve the
> movement on their DEX SR. A person can move a distance in
> metres equal to (10-DEX SR)*MOV rating. e.g. a human running
> at double speed (MOV 4*2) with a DEX SR of 3 could move 7*8
> up to 56m in a round.
> If you do this you need an attack of opportunity mechanic
> so that you can't just run past people pointing swords
> at you.
> Similarly, if you want to do some sort of combined activity
> such as attacking on the run then it happens on normal
> attack SR plus DEX SR.
> As I said, it all ends up getting more and more
> complicated.
> Alternately, you can do what Ringworld tried with a pure
> timing system but you soon learn that the book-keeping is a
> bear. 
> Thing is, RQ was never meant to be more complicated than
> D&D. For all I played RQ3 to death for over 10 years, in
> retrospect I think it goes down a lot of blind alleys. Both
> the new BRP and MRQ attempt to regain the roll and play
> nature of RQ that, I personally, prefer.
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