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>  In game play terms it’s usually difficult for any character to BECOME a
> wizard because the amount of required training, service to one’s teacher and
> time dedicated to the “craft”.  It’s easier for a character to have it
> written into their back story that they were apprenticed at an early age to
> breeze past this long commitment.  For an ongoing game it would be necessary
> for the instructor to be either an ongoing NPC in the party (teaching on the
> road) or a permanent fixture in the central hub of the campaign (teaching in
> chunks).
There's always the convenient possibility that some sorceror's spirit, lost
in the aether, somehow either takes over or ends up in control of the
barbarian's body.  I actually used this for a late-arriving player that
wanted to be a sorceror in Sun County when all the other people wanted to
play Yelmites.   He didn't know much or anything about Glorantha either, so
it was perfect - I "engineered" an encounter with a soul-eating creature
whom the rest of the group killed relatively quickly.  He awoke in this
body, being handed a character sheet and having no knowledge of
anything...not even a common language.  Heh heh heh.  Some of the group
wanted to kill him immediately as 'something' had possessed their friend.
And then the burden of explaining the world, the gods, the mythos,
everything to him was the players' problem. :)
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