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>  Greetings Folks
>>       I known some people choose not to use strike ranks but I would like
>> to so any help here would be great.
>> I've never been pleased with either the rationalizations involved in SR's,
> or the paperwork required to do anything more realistic.
> So one of the idea's I've been toying with is just to dispense with them
> altogether, somehow.

Having been playing Mongoose RQ for about 1 year now, I wouldn't go back to
RQ3's SR system. The problem with RQ is that SRs were neither initiative
measurements nor a timing mechanism - they were a bit of both and,
fundamentally, didn't make sense.

You could use RQ3 as a pure initiative system but you have to spell out what
the different types of actions you can declare are. E.g. Move, move and
attack, cast spell, perform an action and so on. Once you start doing all
that, though, you start to find yourself wondering what all the calculation
gained you.

For example, movement. You could say that if a person just declares that
they're moving then you resolve the movement on their DEX SR. A person can
move a distance in metres equal to (10-DEX SR)*MOV rating. e.g. a human
running at double speed (MOV 4*2) with a DEX SR of 3 could move 7*8 up to
56m in a round.

If you do this you need an attack of opportunity mechanic so that you can't
just run past people pointing swords at you.

Similarly, if you want to do some sort of combined activity such as
attacking on the run then it happens on normal attack SR plus DEX SR.

As I said, it all ends up getting more and more complicated.

Alternately, you can do what Ringworld tried with a pure timing system but
you soon learn that the book-keeping is a bear.

Thing is, RQ was never meant to be more complicated than D&D. For all I
played RQ3 to death for over 10 years, in retrospect I think it goes down a
lot of blind alleys. Both the new BRP and MRQ attempt to regain the roll and
play nature of RQ that, I personally, prefer.
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