[Runequest] RQ3 strike rank question

Styopa styopa1 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 23:36:42 EST 2009

>  Greetings Folks
>       I known some people choose not to use strike ranks but I would like
> to so any help here would be great.
> I've never been pleased with either the rationalizations involved in SR's,
or the paperwork required to do anything more realistic.

So one of the idea's I've been toying with is just to dispense with them
altogether, somehow.

The question is then, how do you properly and reasonably account for the
idea of someone quicker than another?  We've all known people who either
inherently or due to significant training, are far quicker at something than

Finally, there's the complication (as mentioned above) of integrating
movement.  It seems a standard paradigm of most initiative systems that
someone who moves is penalized (and ends up hitting later) compared to
someone who stands still.  Is this justified or reasonable?

One idea I had was to use an old table from Star Fleet Battles - the impulse
chart. (example here
http://www.seeyouinspace.org.uk/library/impulsechart.zip).  Essentially then
you'd just give people a flat modifier to their initiative roll, and then
let them act whenever they wanted in a turn, when they have an impulse.
Still puzzling through the value/cost of trying that.
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