[Runequest] RQ3 strike rank question

Christopher Fasulo ulo at metrocast.net
Wed Apr 1 10:21:34 EST 2009

 Greetings Folks
      I known some people choose not to use strike ranks but I would like to so any help here would be great. 
       If a character had a DEX SR of 2, a SIZ SR of 2, and used a short spear SR 2 wanted to move 6 meters to attack someone he would start on his DEX SR of 2 + 1 SR per 3m moved, so at SR 4 would he add his DEX SR of 2 again + his SIZ SR of 2 and weapon SR of 2 to attack on SR 10 or would he just add his SIZ SR of 2 + Weapon SR 2 and attack on SR 8?

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