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When driving the characters to make decisions, triggers to the personality
of the character is primary. These can be introduced at any point during
an episode or even as an ongoing obstacle. Whilst there are a number which
can be orientated towards the those elements which the character has
independently of their personality, there is much comic joy in introducing
elements which challenge the character's personality type. The following
are some examples, all of which can constitute "adventure seeds" of their
very own.

ESFJ (Kiersey Providers): The Provider character finds that others are
refusing their offers of assistance for real or imagined slights. Their
own manager questions their "interfering" behaviour. "If we want your help
we'll ask for it". Another character really needs the Provider's
assistance, but the Provider, for whatever reason, cannot give it to them.

ISFJ (Kiersey Protectors): A mistake or other action by the Protector
leads to a breach of security or safety. After being appropriately
castigated, the Protector is removed from a project. However they then
discover a way to fix their previous error, but only they can do it - and
now they are prohibited from doing so.

ESTJ (Kiersey Supervisors): The Supervisor character experiences numerous
frustrations in their desire to manage situations both external and
internal because their manager is incompetent, impractical, oblivious to
reason, and in absolute command. Worse still, the are a micromanager and
expect the Supervisor to follow their destructive orders.

ISTJ (Kiersey Inspectors): The Inspector is given the task to review a
supposedly critical project. The project lacks guidelines, objectives, and
a chain of command. When this is reported, they are castigated for
bringing the project into poor repute and are ordered to rewrite their
report to put the project in a positive light.

ESFP (Kiersey Performer): The Performer is given a task in historical
archiving. The work is solitary, the environment dull, and there's no
right or opportunity to change it. Their immediate manager is an utterly
dour and humourless individual.

ISFP (Kiersey Composer): The Composer character is given a detailed
operational task, where every procedure and sub-procedure is carefully
managed and adventerous aleration on even the most minor matter will lead
to cascading failures. Proposals by the character for alteration to the
procedures are rejected as 'unoriginal'.

ESTP (Kiersey Promoter): The Promoter character is working on an exciting,
transformative project that has enormous ramifications. However it is also
under a strict non-disclosure agreement, the work environment is smothered
by deteailed regulations and mundane tasks, and the co-workers are
thoroughly indifferent to the potential of the final product.

ISTP (Kiersey Crafter): The Crafter notices cow-orkers struggling over a
series of manual and technical tasks for which they are particularly
well-suited but cannot intervene due to Occupational Health and Safety
regulations. If they raise the issue with their superiors they will be
assigned the task to write a strategic review to implement changes to the
regulations - but not the specific changes themselves.

ENFP (Kiersey Champion): The Champion is given a set of technical tasks
which they are poorly suited for with a strict schedule and require a
great deal of indvidual focus and concentration. When seeking assistance
their necessary cow-orkers are quiet and studious but otherwise

INFP (Kiersey Healer): Assigned empirical tasks for a morally questionable
outcome, the Healer character finds themselves the target for widespread
and even public inter-office gossip for their sense of taste.

ENFJ (Kiersey Teacher): An authority which the Teacher character respects
is making some terrible decisions. Attempts to communicate these issues
are turned on to the character who is accused of gratuitous
self-promotion, and is given a mountain of analytical work to complete.

INFJ (Kiersey Counsellor): The Counselor character find themselves working
in a vertical marketing scheme which is based on a morally abhorrent
foundation (e.g. a company that produces medical-grade pain killers is
purchased by an arms manufacturer which actively lobbies for military
conflicts). Their immediate manager has no ethical qualms about the
situation seeing the possibility of profit as an opportunity for expansion
and promotion.

ENTP (Kiersey Inventor): The Inventor character finds themselves in a work
project which criticism of plans or cow-orkers is seriously discouraged in
the interest of ensuring a cohesive team. When the character raises
matters for debate, they are assigned a nightmare set of time-consuming
tasks which are simple and routine.

INTP (Kiersey Architect): The Architect character is assigned the task of
a social and qualitative survey on a very well-known topic. The subjects
who they interview however are completely ignorant of the subject-matter
at hand and will respond to survey questions will unsubstantiated leaps of
logic based on emotional responses.

ENTJ (Kiersey Fieldmarshal): After several successes the Fieldmarshall
character is again overlooked for a more senior strategic position who is
demonstrably inferior in every way to the tasks required. When the
inevitable disasters occur, the new strategist assigns the Field Marshall
a series of time-consuming "feel good" exercises.

INTJ (Kiersey Mastermind): The Mastermind is put on the spot to provide a
public speech on a subject which they know little about to an audience of
experts. Whilst preparing for their presentation their time is challenged
by a succession of management meetings for progress updates.

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