[Papers&Paychecks] New scenario: Palaces of the Electrum Princess

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## Introduction

"Years ago the valley was green, and animals ran free through golden
fields of grain", or so the story goes.

The princess Venice Novateló ruled over these peaceful campsites land and
the people were secure and happy. They were happy campers. (She wasn't a
real princess, but that didn't matter.)

Then one day a real-estate developer driving a red Maserati appeared in
the driveway of the princess' little bed and breakfast and almost
overnight the campsites fell into development.

They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot. Now only pink hotels,
serviced by big yellow taxis, and plenty of rumors remain, and what
legends there are tell of a fabulous dreamcatcher is somewhere within the
Palaces of the Electrum Princess.

## Palace Ritz

## Palace Cliveden

## Palace Raffles

## Palace Beverly Hills

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