[Papers&Paychecks] Game On Wednesday and ... Resistentialism!

Lev Lafayette lev at rpgreview.net
Mon May 22 21:02:06 AEST 2017

Hi everyone,

Assuming that Andrew and Charmaine and not plagued this week, we have
Papers & Paychecks on the agenda this Wednesday evening.

I am also looking for advice! I'm currently working on getting some extra
characters on the book and I'm applying some resistentialism... These are
the real "monsters" of the game.. So far I have:

Bus (Blakey), Car (Christine), Coffee Machine (Java), Computer
(Wintermute), Dishwasher (Soapy), Elevator (Yo-yo), Computer (Wintermute),
Elevator (Yo-yo), House (Usher), Pen (Dick), Photocopier (Mimic)

Any other ideas for possessed items and names?

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Mngmnt) (Chifley)
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