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[Starting Draft]

The Outside
These are potential help that the PCs may learn about priorto setting off for Nile
The Lizard Men
·        Will have a web site insinuating that they knowa big secret about Nile·        Will be an involved process to get to meet them·        The group will interrogate and generally be verysuspicious of the PCs·        If the PCs manage to allay their fears, theywill finally disclose the Big Secret – Senior Management in Nile are all Lizards·        Yes, they are serious.
The Bandits
·        Group of kids, who all ride skateboards and BMXbikes·        Class themselves as the besthackers/entry-persons in the area.·        Probably are.·        May be of use, but could also annoy the PCs 
The Mad Hermit

Nile (The Caves of Chaos)

This is made up of various groups, or levels.  Each level will have a reward that the PCscan earn, which could assist them in their travels.
Mail Room (Kobolds)
·        Occupied by a group of boys and girls, all about16-19, who all look very similar·        Will try to avoid meeting people, by makingthemselves scarce·        If unable to avoid, will seek to distract, andthen flee (“Hang-on sir, I’ll just need to check…”, and then never come back)·        Will constantly seek to confuse, which giventhey all look similar.  “Oh no sir, I’mJohn, not Joe.  Joe was just down here,hang on, I’ll go and check…”·        Just about everything in the office will betrapped in some way – plants balanced on doors, cabinets tilted to fall over,and floors carefully polished.  No mailboy/girl will ever be caught by any of these.·        Reward– has keys to all levels.
Day Shift Packers (Orcs B)
·        Extremely offensive posters etc. on walls·        Will purposefully try to shock people·        Love quoting union regulations.·        Into fighting – will all come running, andhollering·        Will constantly bicker among selves, but willband together against outsiders·        Extremely cunning·        Try to avoid work wherever possible.·        Reward– can provide protective clothing, overalls and union paperwork which will stopmost questions from other staff
Night Shift Packers (Orcs C)
·        Very heavily into sleeping on duty·        Will have set alarms to stop management·        Will roam the area once alerted – try to avoidcontact – will basically play hide and seek·        Reward– will be able to disclose all about security cameras – how to both avoid andaccess them
Secretarial Pool (Goblins)
·        Made up of a number of females all constantly inmotion, who always manage to look extremely busy and overworked.·        Extremely skilled in deflecting work, and inoffice politics.·        Head secretary is name Bree Yark – other secretarieswill call out to her if bothered, or direct PCs to her if asked a question.·        Will scream and seek help from the officemanager if bothered too much·        Reward– know all about office politics and individual dirty secrets – who is doingwho and how often.
Office Manager (Ogre)
·        Her personal secretary is a Bear, who will seekto prevent any access to his boss.·        The office manager herself sits in an inneroffice.  Extremely big woman, soliddrinker, and wealthy due to great skill in appropriating funds.·        Both extremely mercenary – they manager to playall powers off against each other and get wealthy by doing so.·        Reward– someone who can extract the PCs from a difficult situation if they get caught(for the appropriate recompense)
Canteen (Hobgoblins)
·        Door to canteen will be barred, with extremelyunusual opening hours (12:45 – 1:10 on Odd Thursdays etc.), which will change eachtime the PCs return.·        Food is definitely questionable·        Staff will definitely take potentially violent offenceif the food quality is questioned.·        Can find NPCs from other areas here eating onoccasion.·        Reward– Can find a group of visitors from another company, who are not impressed withNile, and will gladly become allies (basically, can find a henchman who mayhave skills that the PCs do not).
The Janitor/Handyman (Shunned Cavern)
·        Janitor is an eastern European – very thickaccent and massive.  Extremely scary.·        Constantly drunk and aggressive·        Area has dangerous hazards – cleaning productsthat would be banned under the Geneva Convention on Biological Warfare, etc.·        Reward– Can get the Janitor to clear out one floor (except for the Senior Managerslevel) of all people for a 15 minute period.
Customer Relations (Bugbears)
·        Permanently has a sign outside that staff areneeded, with the appropriate lies.·        Senior staff are extremely untrustworthy, andwill always feign niceness.·        Senior staff are also partial to certain greenherbs·        Anyone taking a job will be placed in a cubicalfarm answering customer complaints from a script – at this point, the seniorstaff will become imperialistic overlords.·        The cubical workers all look feral, and arealmost all extremely cowed, and at most will attempt to hide or flee at thefirst sign of trouble.·        Reward– Wil be able to find one rebel worker, who will join the PCs – he will howevercontinue to talk about workers’ rights and how the proletariat need to rise upand overthrow the ruling class.  How longhe stays depend on how long he is humoured, but he has good inside knowledge ofthe company.
Archives (Minotaur)
·        Area consists of a maze of stacks, containingall records of the company·        The area will confuse anyone entering – the lightsare very dull and the layout will seem to be random and changeable.·        Head Librarian is a large forceful woman with a Horned Hairdo,known universally as “The Battleaxe”·        If she detects the PCs, she will hunt them downand harass them relentlessly about any slight infraction.·        Also present are the: -o  Clerks – thin elderly women with very bad vision,who whizz around on motorised scooters, being a constant threat to healtho  Researchers – will generally not be met, but thePCs will see their torches in the distance – they will always manage to evadethe PCs if they are sought·        Reward– Incriminating information on any desired NPC.
Sales and Marketing (Gnolls)
·        Entrance will look as if the area has beencompletely deserted for some time.·        Progressing further will find evidence of continuousparties.·        Sales staff very into white powder andcopulation·        Will be savage to any who interrupt them, andwill band together to extract vengeance – they know how to track down PCs andwill seek to destroy their reputation at the slightest hint of trouble·        Reward– The services of an extremely skilled investigator into dirty laundry.
Senior Management (The Shrine of Evil Chaos)
Regards, Michael Cole
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