[Lexoccultum] What now?

Andrew Daborn andrewdaborn at hotmail.com
Tue May 28 19:42:51 AEST 2019

Sounds great. We'll come if we can get a sitter and tickets:)

On 28 May 2019 13:18, Michael Cole <mcole222 at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
So for those who are left, should we go and see some medieval music?

Regards, Michael Cole

On Tuesday, 28 May 2019, 9:38:17 am AEST, Lev Lafayette <lev at rpgreview.net> wrote:

On Mon, May 27, 2019 3:22 pm, Andrew Daborn wrote:
> Hi all?
> What are we playing this week? J can run more MT if you like, unless
> someone wants to rum something else? Lev spoke about S.T.A.L.K.E.R as a
> possibility I think. --

I'll be away this Thursday; off to Sydney to see The Cure and Underground
(separate concerts)

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