The first ever poker and MMORPG Mashup

Online Poker has come a long way in becoming the world's most popular mind sport today. And it just became bigger when popular meets massive in a game that flawlessly pairs poker and RPG together.

Poker and RPG concepts combined

Being the first ever title that puts poker and RPG together, PokerRPG offers exciting and fresh ways to play the popular card game. First of all, players are able to create a fully-customizable avatar of their own, a feature that is commonly offered in MMORPGs. While the main concept of the game revolves around poker, the game doesn’t stop when the table matches end. Instead, players must attend to several virtual-world activities that are quite similar to how the life of a normal person revolves on an everyday basis.

Real World Integration

After battling it out with fellow card sharks across the globe, the RPG concept kicks in by putting players in a virtual world of their own. In PokerRPG, players have their own homes that can be upgraded by earning chips in poker. If players are low on cash, they may find jobs that can fund them in playing poker. Apart from working as a means of income, players may also invest in poker stocks, bet on the lottery, engage in raffle draws, or visit casinos to play slot machines. In addition, players may also hang out in bars to chill, talk, and meet new friends
around the world. They may also donate to charity if they are feeling generous.

No Downloads

PokerRPG runs on HTML 5, meaning that no downloads are required to play the game. All players need to do is open a browser and go to the PokerRPG site to play in real time. In addition, PokerRPG can be played not only on the PC but on mobile phones and tablets as well. This makes the game very much playable wherever the player is as long as he or she has an internet connection.

The only issue with browser-based games is stability. To date, games that are downloaded on actual devices play better than those that are merely streamed. Amaya Gaming’s mobile software creator, has been producing casino programs for more than 10 years that can be viewed as benchmarks for gaming stability. Since MMORPGs include a lot of features and content, perhaps it would run more smoothly if it’s actually installed in a device instead of being streamed online.

Overall, PokerRPG is a great game that features poker in a different light. There are many things to do within its virtual world and it’s definitely something that poker/RPG aficionados can appreciate.