The Epic of Roderick

by Luke Geissmann

Then the swamp did melt away and flow out like the river
Into a single strange and big land made of monster to make you quiver

But they ran in fear from the four four those who stood soon fell
In and in the sword did plunge, you could hear Humakti knell

Swift of foot we followed the tracks and soon we found their keep
From our hells, we thundrously quacked And them say "Oh bleep!"

On we charged against their wall through arrow, stone, and spear
Our grand hero was impaled yet he didn't slow or fear

The doors flew open, battered down by Roderick's blessed might
Many ogres lay in wait eager to join the fight

Heedless of fer, our hero plunged into the fierce melee
Bringing the creatures to their knee, and .. waited it rhymed with melee already

Anyway, the ogre defeated, our heroes won, the son healthy and hale
And so I thank you good friends, for hearing this duck's tale.